Top ways to use your on board Carnival Cruise Credit

Tacos from the Blue Iguana aboard the Carnival Vista on the first Cruise back after the pandemic

Hey, welcome back everyone to Chrisy and Tommy's adventure. So today we're talking about all that onboard credit that carnival gave you, for all of those booked cruises you had that ended up getting canceled, and some of the best ways to use that credit

Excursions- once on board you can book your excursions using your onboard credit from the Hub app or at the Carnival Excursions desk

picture from the LIDO deck of the Carnival Vista on the first Cruise back post pandemic

Gratuities – these will be automatically deducted from your account while onboard

Specialty restaurants – go to anyone of the specialty restaurants and use your OBC to treat yourself to a very nice meal. Some of the restaurants include Bonsai, Fahrenheit 555 steakhouse and any of the restaurants that are not part of the included food package.

So my favorite way is to get some drinks and not just alcoholic drinks. So you can go to the coffee shop and you can also go to cherry on top and get yourself a sundae or something.

A special made towel animal made by our room steward on the Carnival Vista on the first cruise back

On board shopping – go shopping at any one of the on board stores and shops and use your OBC to buy anything they have to offer.

Buy alcohol and smokes- go to the on board duty free shop the day after setting sail to use your OBC on a huge 3L bottle of alcohol that you can collect at the end of the cruise or smokes you can get right then and there to enjoy on the Lido deck or in the smoking area of the Casino

Gambling- pull money from your OBC by going to any slot machine, making a PIN and then just pulling money out and into your card to gamble. You can also go to the cashier and get chips using your OBC.

Room service – order room service from your phone in the room or use the Hub app.

Movies, bingo, in-room entertainment, and other activities like the Mardi Gras roller coaster

Pictures- treat yourself to memories that will last a lifetime by spending some of that onboard credit on a picture package. Don’t be shy, the ships photographers will be all over the place to get professional shots of you throughout the cruise

Spa treatments – get spa treatments with that onboard credit, go up to the spa desk and ask for a tour of the facilities and figure out which treatment might be best for you.

Prior to getting onboard and after leaving, so make sure to use up all that on board credit. Keep track of your spend by looking at your account on the HUB app or by using your TV to see what you have spent. Make sure you keep an eye on it because once you use up all that on board credit you’re credit card will be charged for any excess!

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